Taxidermy, Lodging, Meals, & Game Care

Badger Creek Outfitters is committed to providing whatever assistance we can to make sure you hunt is as hassle free as possible. When you arrive all you need to do when you arrive is check into your hotel, sight in your rifle or bow, and get ready to hunt the following day.

Lodging & Meals


There are number a hotels in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming that suit the needs of our clients. We believe staying in a hotel close to the historical downtown area of either of these cities only enriches the experience offered by booking with Badger Creek Outfitters. . We will happily reserve your lodging so all you have to do is check in, relax, and dream about your upcoming adventure.


Your guide will provide all meals and midday snacks in the field for our clients. Breakfast and Dinner are not provided by the outfitter. Your guide will however be able to assist you with suggestions and advice on what restaurants and dining one must enjoy prior to departing. We love to get our clients together for “family dinners” after our hunts and meet up and swap stories from the day at a local restaurant after most days in the field.


Clients have the option of either flying into Sheridan Wyoming via the local airport service or have the option of flying into another airport in the region. Badger Creek Outfitters offers transport to and from Sheridan County Airport if clients decide to fly in directly. If clients decide to fly into another nearby city they should be prepared to rent a vehicle and make short drive to the Sheridan.

If flying into another city please consider Gillette WY, Casper WY, and Billings MT. All three cities have larger airports and are less than a 3 hour drive from Sheridan and Buffalo.

Sheridan and Buffalo Wyoming

For more information on the Sheridan and Buffalo areas follow the links below.

Sheridan Wyoming:

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Taxidermy & Game Care

Game Care:

Badger Creek Outfitters will transport your meat to a local meat processor or can quarter your animal for you, to transport the meat home by yourself.


Badger Creek Outfitters will professionally cape and deliver your trophy to a local taxidermist if the client prefers. We have a fantastic working relationship with Rahimi’s Taxidermy in Ranchester Wyoming and believe he does the best big game taxidermy in the region.